Wednesday, April 07, 2010

California's Penal Code 1299 Expires

In effect since January 1, 2000, California’s Bail Enforcement training requirements law, Penal Code 1299, was allowed to expire January 1, 2010. No new legislation is pending or in development.

The Bail Enforcement Academy® , highly experienced at training California BEA's before, during, and after PC 1299 expects minimal change to the industry.

The effects? From the training perspective expect no vocational change in the industry requirement that one understands the California law pertaining to powers of arrest and bail bonding.

Likewise for investigative skill and ability, if you can’t close cases you still won’t work; expect a big increase in Bond Agency irritation from unskilled applicants trying for those California cases.

This change and the effects on our California graduates will be a major topic at the Bail Enforcement Academy® in Las Vegas April 23 – 24 2010. A few openings still available